A clear brand STRATEGY leads to REAL results.

Since launching in 2021, we've helped dozens of interior designers improve their business and reach goals they only previously dreamed of.

Outlining a clear strategy is what will help you achieve your dream working scenario; inspiring projects, diverse revenue streams, and higher salaries with less stress. By working with us to create a sharp vision for your future, build a strategic plan, and refine your current operations, we promise you will make more money, eliminate the frenzy, and attract your dream projects in less than six months.


What is strategy and why         need one?


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Build           Strategy




Get clear answers on your specific topic(s) along with actionable steps and priorities to focus on for the next 3-6 months and beyond.

strategy session

Get guidance and clarity on any specific area of your business. You will be given a detailed questionnaire to give us context and information so we can be informed for our meeting together. All meetings are recorded and notes/presentation are delivered with any helpful resources, writing samples, or answers to any specific questions. 

You will leave your meeting with clear answers on your specific topic(s) along with actionable steps and priorities to focus on for the next 3-6 months and beyond.



  • Services & Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Processes
  • Future Vision
  • Hiring
  • Messaging
  • Other



90 Minutes

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Figure out what's next for your business with a deep dive into some of the most foundational aspects of building a successful business. Walk away with a clear plan of action.

strategy intensive

This is an opportunity to cover more ground and dig a little deeper than is possible in a 60-min strategy session. This intensive includes an in-depth questionnaire and a three hour session where we deep-dive into the challenges you're facing in your business. We'll then create and deliver a strategy document outlining takeaways, recommendations, and next steps. You'll be able to schedule an additional follow-up session this same week to clarify anything anything you aren't quite sure about or ask any additional questions. We'll also be sure to send the meeting recording for you to refer back to anytime. 

  • Business Strategy (e.g. Pricing, Services, Hiring)
  • Brand Strategy (e.g. Ideal Client, Differentiator)

choose your focus


  • Research & Prep
  • 3 hour Deep Dive via Zoom
  • 20+ Page PDF of Notes with Custom Action Plan


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Get clear answers on your specific topic(s) along with actionable steps and priorities to focus on for the next 3-6 months and beyond.

custom business plan

At certain points along the path to building a successful business, you need to stop and refocus by creating a clear, actionable plan for what comes next. A plan is what makes dreams become reality. We'll start with a Strategy Meeting to discuss what your next big goals are and then work together to document what comes next in every aspect of your business in order to make sure you get there. 

You should always have a current business plan that acts as the North Star to your business. It makes all the decisions in your business just a little easier when you know exactly what you're trying to achieve next and how to go about it.

Document Outlining the Following:
  • Personal Goals
  • Business Goals & Roadmap
  • Hiring Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • +More



6 Weeks


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Setup a Call

Discuss Options

Step-by-Step Strategy

The process              with a conversation.

Everything we do is individualized to you, your current challenges, and your dreams for the future. We start with a quick no-pressure phone call. 

In a 30-minute discovery call, we can discuss what you are hoping to achieve and guide you to the option that is the best fit for you and your budget. 

At the beginning of each strategy service, we state clear goals for working together. They should be achievable and quantifiable. We then craft a tailored step-by-step strategy to reach that goal in the desired timeframe. Finally, with the goals set and the plan made, all that's left is to get to work.





how it works

light + dwell interiors

“Renee’s business background and wealth of experience in the Interior Design industry is invaluable. She helped us think through our services, profitability, margins, and strategies and has been an integral part of our growth over the past year.

There are many valuable resources for women in business these days. What set Renee and her services apart for us was her specialized experience in back-office systems - building, creating, and scaling Interior Design services and products to a very high level. She knows our world because she has done the work and done it well.”


Aymee Kuhlman

hattie sparks interiors

“Working with Tandem not only helped give me the confidence to bring my business to the next level, but also provided me with the tools to reach both short-term and long-term goals. They provided honest, constructive feedback, and identified processes and procedures that were working efficiently, and helped refine those that weren't. With their help, I was able to refine my design presentations, my client onboarding process, and build out a more well-rounded and professional suite of information about my company. Always professional and easy to talk to, the Tandem team encouraged me to implement changes that have already had a positive effect on my business.”

Hattie Collins


Susannah holmberg studios

“Working with Tandem has been fantastic. They recognized areas in our systems that needed attention and helped us organize our goals and structure growth accordingly. There are so many instances in running and growing a business where you need counsel - someone to think through decisions and opportunities. Renee with tandem is just that: thoughtful and measured and has been a wonderful support for our studio.”

Susannah Holmberg


High street homes

“We have been working with the most incredible business coach that focuses solely on interior design. She knows the industry. She gets the challenges and she is an operations pro. If you are ready to be clear about your vision and focus on your business you need to reach out to Tandem.

The value is 10x the investment”

Brett Phillips

PHOTO BY jen morely burner

boxwood avenue interiors

Chloe Mackintosh

“Working with Tandem has been the greatest gift to my business and myself. Renee and her team have a wonderful way of instilling confidence and helping their clients find clarity in their processes. I love how adaptable the Tandem team is, making recommendations that fit within my business model and goals, they do not approach things in a one-size-fits-all way. I lovingly say that working with Tandem is my “self care”, that’s how important the team has been for my business. Do not hesitate working with them, it will pay off tenfold in the long run!”

PHOTO BY boxwood avenue

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