We believe the key to CREATING BALANCE is in discovering your deeper goals and aspirations.

Founder / chief strategist

Renee Bush

Renee founded Tandem to address the conflict that often arises in the space between creativity and structure in business. She knew there was a better way to achieve success– by creating a sharp vision and building systems that work in tandem with the design process instead of trying to control it. Tandem puts design at the center of everything we do. We look at each client, business, and vision individually to find the best possible solution to align with our client’s values and desired goals. 

Renee is our business-minded problem solver. She understands the interior design industry, knows how to get straight to the heart of any issue, and always has a creative solution up her sleeve.

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No matter the capacity in which you work with Tandem, we start every service by developing a deep understanding of the current state of your business and by digging into your vision for the future. We then build a strategic plan that accelerates growth with a sharp focus and a solid foundation to achieve success.

Whether it's custom branding or personalized business strategies, we work with you to generate more revenue, increase margins, improve customer experience, develop a strong team culture, and give you the freedom to truly enjoy your work.

Every service is                   
to focus on your goals.

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