With this purchase, you'll receive a Google Doc with a complete list of email templates for you to reference when you just don't know what to write. There are several for sticky client situations and others that you'll use again and again.

If you've worked with us (or read our post on Productivity Tips) you'll know we're a huge fan of templating things that you do over and over again. This will save you time and creativity for when you really need it! With some tweaks to account for your specific process, personality, or tone, you'll have a bank of pre-written emails at your fingertips to use for your interior design business.



Pre-Written Email Templates, including Subject, Body, and Instructions. 

Examples Include:
  • Testimonial Request
  • Notify Clients About Price Increase
  • Check-In With Client That Has Gone Dark
  • Polite Decline
  • Publication Request
  • Tell Clients About a Mistake

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